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Be part of the biggest day in diving!
Come and join us on the 21st of July for international Women’s Dive Day! Thy lady who is judged to have the best buoyancy will win some free merchandise. More information here: Women’s Day Diving

The Ocean18 Scuba Dive and Watersport Entertaintment Centers were created to show you the exceptional and wonderful underwater formations and lifestyles that can be found in very few locations outside Fiji. You can know more about us here.





For skilled diving divers, we offer a diving level corresponding to their qualification every day (except Sundays). Dives take place in the morning, we offer two dives a day for you in two different, but nearby diving places. The surface time between the two dives is either filled on a diving boat or on a coral reef while we serve fruit and refreshments.

In the morning we start off the coral reef around the island’s outer wall and then take off the hooks off the shore. We spend 4-5 hours on the water with refreshing drinks, snacks and fruits for our guests. At the end of angling, we are happy with the prey, which is typically yellow tuna, mahi-mahi and perch.
Currently available: Coral Coast base.  

The snorkel offers wonderful sight, individual and social relaxation and movement without diving skills. With our rental equipment, you can embark on the beauty of the coastline, or with a boat trip you can explore other shorelines and underwater sights.

Check our bases and price list, and feel free to contact us for more details 🙂